What you can’t get is always in turmoil, and those who are favored are fearless.


I love you these years, as if drunk walking the tightrope, not afraid of falling to death, afraid of waking up.


For life, acceptance is the best tenderness, whether accepting a person’s appearance or accepting a person’s disappearance from now on.


The most regrettable thing in life is to give up what should not be given up easily and persist in what should not be persisted in stubbornly.


Emotions do not come first and then come. It is clear that I met you first, but you gave all your tenderness and patience to later generations.


You used to be a light in my heart, warm in the world; now you are a thorn in my heart, engraved on my heart; later you are a dust in my heart, no pain or itch.


There is always someone in your life who shocked you with time and kept you in mind; who cried and blushed, but laughed and forgiven.


You are not half good to me, but it happens that this feeling looks like weeds, such as loyal dogs, such as walking dogs, the more willing, the more not always.


How to say the feelings, as ruthless as a killer, and as elusive as the wind, blowing through all people, but will not stay for anyone.


Your hand is the warmth of the city that I can’t touch, and my heart is the chaos of war that you never knew.


Every time I want to find someone to accompany me, I find that some people can’t find, some people shouldn’t find, and others can’t find.


Waiting for a lover who doesn’t care about you is like waiting for a boat at the airport, a car at sea, and a snow in June.


Those who love deeply hide their hearts and keep silent, while those who miss for a long time are not in their eyes.


Many years later, one night you will suddenly think of me, and then burst into tears, only to find that you owed me too much.


I thought that the ice could suppress the pain, I thought that the slightest intoxication could control the miss, I thought that love you until death can be favored.


If you don’t come, I’ll be all right. Since then, mountains and rivers have never met, regardless of the old people’s length or shortage.


Time will tell us that simple like the longest, ordinary company the most secure, understand your people the warmest.


Always wait for a long time, always wait for the irretrievable, before we know what we have abandoned personally, in the later days, will never meet again.


From then on, put aside the affectation and loneliness, hide the sincerity and live a wandering life, wandering and free.


The saddest thing is when you meet a special person and realize that you can never be together, sooner or later, you have to give up.


Originally, adult’s feelings are not questioning, explaining, tacitly speaking, abruptly dispersing, natural diminishing, and a cold tacit understanding.


I love you all the time, from ignorance to maturity, from impulse to silence, thank you for giving me an empty joy.


Maybe it’s just because you don’t want to stay alone for a long night, and you’re too depressed to be alone, that you get this cup of wine called emotion and get drunk until you’re white.


You can love three or five scum wrongly, but you can’t love one scum three or five times. It may be bad luck to go wrong, but jumping into a pit is mentally retarded.


I’ve always wanted to control your feelings, not strong, not light, not heavy, but I forgot that the cause of feelings is unpopular.


No one knows how tight your teeth are, because the clouds on your face are light and breezy. You laugh heartlessly, nobody knows you can only cry silently.


I hope you can be a monster of the world. Don’t cry any more. Don’t be sad alone. Walk smartly. Don’t be influenced by feelings. Find new love after you feel fresh. Don’t wait for someone silly.


He can’t see you drunk or you choking at night. Don’t be silly, nobody’s distressed. It’s really worthless.


I’ve always been good at self-protection is that once I perceive the cold attitude of the other side, I will voluntarily withdraw from the other side and never want to cover up the relationship.


I don’t seem to have any feelings for anybody. I can either like it or suddenly dislike it. I can’t say anything pretentious. I can’t cry in the middle of the night. Later, you told me that it was growing up, but it’s not cool at all.

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